“Why Scarlett Johansson Refuses to Use Social Media: My Fragile Brain Can’t Handle It”

Scarlett Johansson recently disclosed the actual motive behind abstaining from social media platforms.

Scarlett Johansson, the famous Hollywood star with a massive following, has disclosed the real reason behind her absence from social media. During an interview on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, Johansson stated that she finds social media too toxic and cannot handle it due to her fragile ego and brain. The actress emphasized the negative impact that trolls can have on someone’s mental health and admitted that using social media would hinder hers. While Johansson tried social media for three days, she found herself wasting time looking at random people’s pages and feeling bad about missing out on their lives.

Despite her aversion to social media, Johansson uses TikTok for work purposes, getting completely absorbed in it like a 3-year-old with their mom’s phone. Thus, while many of us are already tangled in the web of social media, Johansson’s reasons for avoiding it are understandable, given the toxicity that can come with it.

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