Taylor Swift’s First Tattoo: The Internet is Divided on its Authenticity

If you needed more proof that the old Taylor Swift is gone, her latest album Reputation wasn’t enough; however, rumors suggest that she may have gotten a new tattoo to confirm it. Popular tattoo artist JonBoy created a buzz for Swift fans when he shared a photo of a rose tattoo, believed to be on the back of the singer’s neck, on his Instagram account early this morning.

JonBoy, a tattoo artist renowned for his work with celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, suggested that Taylor Swift may have recently gotten her first tattoo. He tagged her in a social media post and used the geotag “Welcome to New York,” which is also the title of one of her songs. JonBoy has previously used this tagging style when announcing new tattoos for his other famous clients.

Although the signs indicate that the tattoo belongs to Swift, some of her fans are still doubtful. They voiced their skepticism in the comments section, stating that the woman in the photo does not resemble the pop star. Her dyed hair, which exhibits dark roots, and a gold rose pendant necklace are apparent in the picture, whereas Swift has been seen wearing a “J” pendant lately, which is believed to signify her partner Joe Alwyn.

One individual commented that Tay’s hair is superior to that of the person in the photo, while another person stated that it is not even Taylor because she only wears one particular necklace and it is not the one shown in the image. It is uncertain whether or not Swift is the woman in the photo, but considering her previous remarks about getting tattooed, it would be surprising if it were her.

During a conversation with Taste of Country back in 2012, she expressed her reluctance to get a permanent tattoo. She stated that even if she were to go for it, she would opt for a ’13’ design. However, she quickly reiterated that she had no intention of getting inked.

It’s possible that Taylor Swift may have changed her mind about tattoos since it’s been a while. Another possibility is that the tattoo artist may have just tagged her because she inspired his recent artwork. We’ll have to wait and see if TSwift, her fans, or JonBoy decides to share the real story.

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