Taylor Swift makes a grand entrance in a stunning $12,000 Oscar de la Renta blue gown at the Grove in LA for the premiere of her Era Tour film, leaving 2,200 excited fans in awe.

On Wednesday night, Taylor Swift caused a frenzy among her loyal fans as she arrived at the Los Angeles premiere of her highly-anticipated The Eras Tour Concert Film. Over 2,200 of her most devoted ‘Swifties’ were treated to a first-look of the concert footage on the big screen at The Grove LA shopping center, which was shut down for the event. Swift flaunted her chic style in a blue $12,000 Oscar de la Renta gown as she posed on the red carpet before settling into one of the 14 sold-out screening rooms inside AMC movie theater. The documentary showcases one of the six sold-out shows Swift performed at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California over the summer as part of her ongoing Eras Tour. With presale tickets alone amassing over $100 million, the film will be exclusively available to watch at AMC Theatres starting Friday, October 13. Although Swift’s rumored beau, Travis Kelce, was missing from the fan-filled event, he is expected to play in the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Denver Broncos the following day. An insider at the event revealed that Swift was ecstatic to see so many of her fans turn up, and seemed to be having the best time ever.

She's here! Taylor Swift caused a total fan frenzy as she arrived at the massive premiere for her highly-anticipated The Eras Tour Concert Film in the heart of Los Angeles on Wednesday night

Guess who made an appearance at the grand premiere of her much-awaited The Eras Tour Concert Film? None other than Taylor Swift herself! Fans went wild as she stepped into the heart of Los Angeles on Wednesday evening.

Wow! Swift was the epitome of chic as she posed on the red carpet in a blue $12,000 Oscar de la Renta gown

She did so before taking her seat inside one of 14 sold-out screening rooms inside the outdoor mall's AMC movie theater

Amazing! Swift looked absolutely stylish and elegant in her $12,000 Oscar de la Renta dress as she stopped for photos on the red carpet. Later, she enjoyed one of 14 sold-out screenings at the AMC movie theater located in the outdoor mall.

Fanfare: A insider at the event tells DailyMail.com: 'The fans went crazy the second she arrived, screaming and chanting her name'

An inside source told DailyMail.com that Taylor Swift’s fans went wild as soon as she arrived at the premiere of her documentary, “Miss Americana” in Los Angeles. The attendees dressed up as characters from Swift’s iconic music videos, and some were even seen wearing replicas of her outfits. Swift wore a powder blue dress with open-toed heels, accompanied by bold blue eyeshadow, a ruby red lip, and diamond jewelry. She thanked her fans for their unwavering support and announced additional showtimes for the film. As a safety measure, hundreds of security guards were present to prevent chaos from erupting.

The dress had a gorgeous floral design with cut-outs that created an ethereal look

The attire was adorned with an exquisite pattern of flowers and featured stylish cut-outs that added a dreamy touch.

Boost: She teamed her powder blue dress with a pair of open-toed heels that gave her already statuesque frame a boost

Boost: She teamed her powder blue dress with a pair of open-toed heels that gave her already statuesque frame a boost

Elevate: To enhance her already towering stature, she paired a powder blue dress with some open-toed heels.

Bold in blue: Swift rocked bold blue eyeshadow paired with her signature ruby red lip and cateye flick combo

Swift sported a daring look with bright blue eyeshadow that perfectly complemented her classic red lipstick and cat-eye eyeliner.

She looked stunning as she strolled up the theater's entrance

As she walked towards the entrance of the theater, she was an absolute vision of beauty.

Director: Along with her glamour shots, Swift also posed for photos with the film's director Sam Wrench

The director of the film had the opportunity to take some glamour shots of Swift, in addition to capturing some candid moments with her during the photo session. Sam Wrench, the director, was able to snap some memorable photos with the superstar.

Faux: Her typically flowing blonde curls were styled in a chic faux bob for the night

Faux: She had her usual long blonde hair transformed into a trendy faux bob for the evening.

An insider told DailMail.com that Taylor brought along members of her band and back-up dancers to the event

According to a source who spoke with DailMail.com, Taylor Swift brought her band and backup dancers to the occasion.

Excitement: Ahead of her arrival, Swift shared her excitement and announced that the 'unprecedented demand' for tickets has led to an on slot of 'early access showings' starting Thursday in the U.S. and Canada

Swift expressed her enthusiasm about her upcoming arrival, revealing that the tremendous demand for tickets has resulted in the introduction of “early access showings” in the US and Canada starting Thursday.

Epic effort: The 12-time Grammy winner, 33, shutdown The Grove LA shopping center to host over 2,200 of her most devoted fans, who got a first-look at the concert footage on the big screen

The talented and renowned musician, who has won the prestigious Grammy Award twelve times, put in a lot of hard work to treat her 2,200 loyal fans to an unforgettable experience at The Grove LA shopping center. She even went to the extent of closing down the entire center to showcase the concert footage on a massive screen.

Exclusive: According to TMZ, fans received invitations to the premiere via Taylor's team

As per TMZ, Taylor’s team sent out invitations to fans for the premiere exclusively.

It's unclear what criteria was used to select or invite them

It’s not clear how they were chosen or asked to participate.

The venue was decked out in Taylor Swift-themed decor and fans received exclusive merchandise

The location was embellished with decorations inspired by Taylor Swift and her music, while admirers were gifted with special souvenirs.

Eye for detail: Even the popcorn buckets were decked out with Swift's image

The attention to detail was impressive, as even the popcorn buckets were adorned with Swift’s likeness.

Light up displays featured various imagery that coincides with the film, including the official Eras Tour poster

The light exhibits showcased an array of visuals that were in sync with the movie, encompassing the authorized poster for the Eras Tour as well.

Due to the massiveness of the event, roads surrounding The Grove were closed off and traffic diverted

As the event was of colossal magnitude, the streets in the vicinity of The Grove were sealed off and vehicles were rerouted.

Caution: At of an abundance of caution 'there are hundreds of security guards (pictured) in place to prevent chaos from erupting,' as reported by TMZ

To ensure things run smoothly, there are numerous security guards (shown in pictures) present to prevent any potential chaos. This is being done as a precautionary measure. TMZ has reported this news.

Swifties unite! Fans are seen waiting to catch a glimpse of the star

Hey fellow Swifties! It’s always exciting to witness the eagerness of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of our beloved Taylor Swift. There’s no denying that her star power is out of this world and it’s a joy to be a part of this incredible fandom. Let’s keep supporting our queen!

Prep: The Grove began preparations for Swift's grand arrival earlier in the day, including setting up a massive red carpet surrounding the theater and a step-and-repeat backdrop, featuring the official Eras Tour poster

Before Taylor Swift’s arrival, The Grove had already started getting ready for her grand entrance. They laid out a huge red carpet around the theater and put up a backdrop with the official Eras Tour poster for people to take photos in front of.

Although the AMC theater will be making bank thanks to its sold-out theaters, other smaller business will be missing out on customers after being forced to close for all of Wednesday

The AMC cinema is set to earn quite a profit due to its fully booked cinemas. However, smaller businesses are expected to lose out on potential customers as they were compelled to shut their doors for the entire Wednesday.

Although it was originally unclear if Taylor would be in attendance, the sheer amount of forces needed to close down the enormous outdoor mall and to patrol it suggested that the hitmaker would drop by

Initially, it was uncertain if Taylor would make an appearance, but the apparent need for a significant police presence to secure the vast open-air shopping complex hinted towards her potential visit.

Barricades surrounded the massive outdoor mall

The outdoor mall was encompassed by barricades.

Regularly used entrances to the mall were gated off

The entrances that people normally use to enter the mall have been blocked off with gates.

Police and security were present at entry points

Authorities were present at the entrance points, including police and security personnel.

Eras Tour: The film documents one of the six sold-out shows Swift performed at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California over the summer

Eras Tour, a documentary film showcasing Taylor Swift’s sold-out shows at SoFi Stadium in California, is set to premiere at the AMC theater in The Grove. The venue is reportedly dedicating all of its 14 screens to the musical documentary, accommodating 2,200 of the singer’s fans. However, the fans who received invitations from Taylor’s team remain unaware of the event’s details and schedule until 2 p.m. on the day of the premiere. The red carpet guests will arrive at the mall at 6 p.m., with the film starting at 7 p.m. Security personnel will be in force to ensure the safety of everyone. Although it was uncertain whether Taylor would attend, the massive security arrangements implied that the pop star might make an appearance. The AMC theater will benefit from the sold-out showings, but smaller businesses will close for the day, with Rick Caruso, the mall’s owner, compensating them for lost income. Evidently, Taylor has already earned $100 million from presales alone. The film is expected to have a significant opening-weekend gross, with some analysts predicting it could surpass the Barbie movie’s $162 million earnings. Interestingly, Taylor negotiated directly with the AMC theater chain to distribute Eras Tour, bypassing the usual middlemen. The film won’t be eligible for AMC’s A-list subscription plan and is more expensive than regular tickets, further increasing the theater chain’s and Taylor’s revenue.

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