“J.Lo shares her secret to looking young: a good night’s sleep after overcoming a scary panic attack caused by exhaustion.”

In a recent newsletter, Jennifer Lopez spoke about the significance of getting enough sleep. She shared that she once experienced a panic attack due to exhaustion early on in her career, which prompted her to value a good night’s rest. The 52-year-old singer and actress revealed that she spends between seven to nine hours in bed each night and acknowledged that she only started prioritizing sleep after a health scare in the late 1990s. JLo admitted to previously sleeping for just three to five hours a night while juggling work commitments, but has since realized the importance of proper rest.

Jennifer Lopez, 52, got real about her snoozing habits in her recent newsletter On The JLo, saying she sleeps seven to nine hours per night

In her latest newsletter, On The JLo, Jennifer Lopez spilled the beans about her sleeping routine. The 52-year-old singer shared that she gets a good seven to nine hours of shut-eye every night.

Lopez (pictured in 1995) wrote that she was in her late 20s when she suffered a panic attack and was 'terrified' she was losing her mind. She later learned it was brought on by exhaustion

In 1995, Lopez shared her experience of suffering from a panic attack when she was in her late 20s. She revealed that she was absolutely petrified at the time and thought she was losing her mind. It was later revealed that the panic attack was caused by exhaustion due to overworking. This incident led to a change in Lopez’s attitude as it made her realize the importance of taking care of herself. She recalled sitting in a trailer, feeling completely normal, but then suddenly experiencing a feeling of being paralyzed. She couldn’t move and her vision was blurred. She was unaware of what was happening and felt utterly frozen. Lopez explained that she had never even heard the term “panic attack” at the time. She was scared and terrified when her security guard took her to the doctor. However, now she knows that it was a classic case of panic attack caused by overworking.

The singer (pictured in 1997) said early on in her career she only used to sleep three to five hours a night. Her doctor told her she needed seven to nine hours for optimal health

Back in 1997, the famous vocalist (as seen in the picture) confessed that during the early stages of her career, she would only snooze for three to five hours a night. However, her physician advised her to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep for her overall well-being.

The 'Marry Me' star also credits her age-defying appearance to plenty of rest, saying that 'sleep to me is the most underrated beauty secret out there

According to the ‘Marry Me’ actress, her secret to looking young is getting enough rest. She believes that sleep is an under-appreciated beauty tip. Lopez shared that she once thought she was losing her mind and visited a doctor who advised her to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night, cut down on caffeine intake, and balance workouts with work. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that adults sleep for at least seven hours each night to achieve optimal health. Ignoring this recommendation could lead to adverse effects such as increased anxiety. Lopez acknowledged the importance of listening to her body’s needs for overall wellness.

JLo said she sometimes wakes up and says, 'Wow! I just lost 10 years off my face!'

According to JLo, there are days when she wakes up and feels like she looks 10 years younger than her actual age.

Lopez (pictured with her fiancé Ben Affleck in February) said sleep is one her '5 S’s' for good health along with sunscreen, serums, supplements, and (vivir) sano - Spanish for live heathy

According to Lopez, getting enough sleep is one of the five essential components of good health along with using sunscreen, serums, supplements, and living a healthy lifestyle. She likens sleep to a time machine, where you go into a space that preserves and rejuvenates your body, and come out feeling like a newer, younger version of yourself. While most people might not see a ten-year difference in their appearance after a good night’s sleep, there is a link between sleep and looking younger. Clinical psychologist Michael J. Breus explains that sleep is like a spa treatment for the body as it is during this time that hormones work to support cellular health and maintain a youthful appearance.

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