“Inside Kylie Jenner’s Lavish Hidden Hills Estate: A Billionaire’s Third Home with Hotel-Grade Construction”

Kylie Jenner’s third luxurious mansion is rapidly taking shape since she acquired the vacant plot of land for $15 million in 2020, according to exclusive photos obtained by DailyMail.com. The future residence of the 26-year-old billionaire is situated in the prestigious Hidden Hills community and has been documented at various stages of construction since her record-breaking purchase. While there is still much work to be done before it is officially a home, the fundamental structure of the mansion appears to be almost complete in these most recent images. Despite being in its early stages, the colossal edifice already seems to be a perfect abode for reality TV royalty. It is said to be as complicated to construct as a hotel and necessitates a team of builders to accomplish the task.

Photos that were exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com reveal the ongoing construction of Kylie Jenner’s third home, which is expected to be a luxurious residence fit for a Kardashian.

Living in luxurious surroundings! Jenner splurged $15 million to purchase a sprawling five-acre property in 2020. The photos reveal the presence of several trucks parked on the dirt road and heaps of wooden boards arranged around the house. Moreover, a forklift is stationed at the bottom of the hill, and the front balcony seems to be accessible only through a ladder. The house is expected to feature numerous windows and skylights, which are currently under construction. As for landscaping, the property appears mostly barren, with only a small patch of greenery visible and some trees and bushes planted around the backyard’s edges. In May 2020, Kylie made a record-breaking all-cash purchase of the Hidden Hills property, which design plans approved for a 12-car garage, guesthouse, barn, guard shack for full-time security, sports court, and a pool. Interestingly, Miley Cyrus also purchased the same property in 2015, but didn’t build a home and sold it after three years. Kylie has owned many properties over the years, including a 4,851-square-foot home in Calabasas, which she bought for $2.7 million at the age of 17 and sold two years later for a massive $3.1 million.

The saying “it takes a village” rings true when it comes to construction sites, as seen in aerial photos that capture the presence of numerous trucks parked around the area.

We’ve got a bit of a construction site situation here! The front balcony is accessible via a trusty ladder, but be warned, there are no railings up yet.

Although there is still much work to be done, the construction on the empty plot of land that she bought three years ago has come a long way and made noteworthy progress.

What a lovely sight! This cozy abode is situated on a hill, indicating that it boasts stunning views of the surrounding area.

According to reports, the construction of Kylie Jenner’s home is said to be as intricate as that of a hotel, making it perfect for someone who seems to live the life of a reality TV star.

Regarding the landscaping, the property seems mostly devoid of vegetation, with only a small patch of greenery visible and some trees and bushes planted around the edges of the backyard. Kylie’s real estate portfolio continued to expand the following year when she purchased a six-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion in Hidden Hills for $6 million. However, she sold the property for $6.7 million in 2018. She was evidently content with her location at the time since, three months later, she bought a neighboring house for $4.5 million. She later sold it in 2017 for $5.3 million. In 2018, Kylie and Travis Scott invested in a $13 million Beverly Hills home, which they briefly stayed in with their daughter Stormi before putting it on the market for $13.5 million in October 2022. According to a source who spoke to People, “Kylie and Travis’ Beverly Hills house is spectacular. It’s contemporary, but very warm at the same time. The property is also very private.”

Wow, this residence is situated in the upscale neighborhood of Hidden Hills in Los Angeles.

The equipment had been arranged neatly at the edge of the property, serving as the home base for all outdoor activities.

Be careful! There’s a forklift that’s been left parked close to the house.

Extravagance: Following a discreet and immediate transaction with cash, the property underwent design approval for a grandiose extension featuring a sizable garage that can accommodate up to 12 cars, an additional guesthouse, barn, guard booth for full-time security, sports court, and a luxurious swimming pool.

Watch out! A bunch of timber planks have been stacked in the vicinity of the building site.

Several well-known celebrities have owned the property, including Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus. In 2015, Cyrus bought the property and kept her horses there, but she never constructed a home on the land. After three years, she decided to sell it.

The house is going to have a lot of windows, and it looks like skylights are being built too. Kylie already owns a huge property in Holmby Hills that’s spread over 19,000 square feet and has four guest houses. The place has its own guardhouse, a professional kitchen, and several bars. It was originally listed at $45 million, but Kylie got a deal when she paid $36.5 million for it. There are seven bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, which is more than enough space for Kylie, her daughter Stormi, and her son Aire. The house has both an outdoor movie screen and an indoor theater, so they have two options for movie nights. There are also several bars, game rooms, a gym, and sports areas with basketball and pickleball courts. Both kids and adults will have plenty to do!

Last year, in the month of April, Kylie made a purchase of a Holmby Hills compound that covers an area of 19,000 square feet and has four guest houses.

The property is equipped with a personal security station, a modern cooking area, and multiple in-house pubs.

The queen of makeup has a tough decision to make when it comes to movie night at her Beverly Hills mansion. She has the luxury of choosing between an outdoor projection screen or an at-home theater. The spectacular property, which spans nearly 10,000 square feet and boasts seven bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms, is co-owned by the mogul and her former partner, Travis Scott, who is also the father of their two children. Other features of the lavish abode include a private movie theater for exclusive screenings, a massage room for relaxation, a billiards area for entertainment, and a massive pool to beat the sweltering Californian heat. Despite their attempts to sell the property for $21.9 million, the exes still own the exclusive estate.

In the year 2018, Kylie decided to invest in a luxurious property, worth a whopping $13 million, located in Beverly Hills. She made this decision in the company of her partner, Travis Scott.

In a short while, Kylie and Travis with their daughter Stormi resided in the house. However, they eventually decided to sell it in October 2022, and put it up for grabs at the price of $13.5 million.

This luxurious estate boasts a spacious living area of almost 10,000 square feet with a total of seven bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, and two additional half-bathrooms.

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