“Golden Goddess: Demi Rose’s Sizzling Photoshoot After Losing Her Beloved Mother”

Demi Rose bounced back to work just a day after the sudden passing of her mother, Christine, at 64 years old. The 24-year-old model looked absolutely stunning in her latest photoshoot for Oh Polly, sporting a revealing gold string bikini adorned with jewels that highlighted her flawless curves. The pictures were released on Friday and left fans in awe of her beauty.

Back to work: Demi Rose, 24, smouldered whilst clad in a skimpy gold bikini as she posed for photographs for her latest campaign with Oh Polly, following the death of her mother

In the latest campaign for Oh Polly, Demi Rose, who recently lost her mother, looked stunning as she posed confidently in a gold bikini. The 24-year-old model flaunted her curves and struck sultry poses while sporting a glamorous makeup look that emphasized her pretty features. Her hair was styled into wet-look waves, adding to her elegant appearance. Despite her recent loss, Demi put on a brave face and took to Instagram to thank her fans for their love and support, showing that she’s determined to keep moving forward.

Sensational: The Instagram model showcased her sensational curves in the jewel-embellished two-piece, in snaps released on Friday

Exciting: On Friday, the Instagram model flaunted her stunning curves in a dazzling two-piece swimsuit adorned with jewels in photos released to the public.

Stunning: The stunning model sported a glam make-up look, with a smokey eye enhancing her pretty features

Gorgeous: The gorgeous model rocked a glamorous makeup style, emphasizing her lovely characteristics with a sultry smokey eye.

Beautiful: The brunette beauty looked incredible with her tresses styled into tight, wet-look waves, while posing elegantly in the barely-there gold bikini

Gorgeous: The dark-haired stunner appeared absolutely stunning with her hair fashioned into sleek, damp-looking waves, striking a graceful pose in the almost non-existent golden swimsuit.

Poised: Striking a range of sultry poses, Demi looked poised as she put on a brave face following the tragic death of her mother

Demi appeared confident and composed as she struck various sultry poses, despite the recent loss of her mother. In a touching message on Instagram, she expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of love and support from her fans, whom she considers to be like family. She acknowledged the need to keep moving forward and shared a daily affirmation about trusting in the timing of the universe and having faith in one’s direction.

Jaw-dropping: The social media star confidently paraded her sensational curves

Impressive: The influencer flaunted her stunning figure with great confidence on her social media channels.

Back to work: Demi returned to work for the photoshoot on Thursday, one day after the tragic death of her mother Christine at the age of 64

Demi went back to work on Thursday for a photoshoot, despite the heartbreaking news of her mother Christine passing away at 64 years old the previous day.

Open: The star has been returning to work following her mother Christine's death last week, and just day after announcing the news, she took to Instagram to thank fans for their support

Fearless: Demi Rose posted a video on her Instagram on Thursday, showcasing her preparation for a photoshoot.

Support; In a heartfelt Instagram post she wrote: 'Thank you all so much for the love and support'

Appreciation; On Instagram, she expressed deep gratitude and appreciation for the outpouring of love and support she received.

Casual trip: Following her recent photoshoot, Demi was accompanied by a close female companion as they made their way to The Grove in West Hollywood.

I have faith that all the challenges I face at present are valuable lessons and preparations for my future. Everything is occurring as it should be. Recently, Demi informed her followers on Instagram of the heartbreaking news about her mother, who had worked as an NHS wheelchair advisor. This loss comes after the death of her father only eight months ago. In a post on Wednesday, the devastated celebrity wrote: ‘Rest in Peace Mommy’ along with a broken-hearted Emoji. She also shared supportive messages from her friends and uploaded a photo of two birds, hoping they were her deceased parents visiting her on set.

Calm and composed, Demi chose a casual look for her outing by wearing a simple white tank top and black leggings.

Glamorous: Injecting some glamour into her look, Demi sported long, tumbling curls

Glamorous: Injecting some glamour into her look, Demi sported long, tumbling curls

Demi spiced up her appearance by adding a touch of glamour with her long and flowing curls.

Demi made a quick visit to Sephora to replenish her collection of cosmetics and fake lashes.

Cute: Demi shielded her eyes with a small pair of heart-shaped shades as she stepped outside

Adorable: Demi was seen shielding her eyes from the sun with a cute pair of heart-shaped sunglasses when she stepped out of her house. Not too long ago, she shared a sweet throwback photo on social media to pay tribute to her dad. Unfortunately, she had to face the tragic news of her father Barrie’s passing in October at the age of 80. In an emotional Instagram post, the grief-stricken model shared a picture of them together and expressed her feelings about his loss. Demi wrote, “Rest in peace, Dad. You were the best father I could have ever asked for. The man who was caring, supportive, knowledgeable, and loving.”

Getting some air: The star carried large bags full of goodies from Guess

Taking a breather: The celebrity was spotted with some heavy bags filled with various items from the brand Guess.

Designer duds: Demi strolled along in chunky, multicoloured trainers and carried her belongings in an eye-catching Louis Vuitton handbag with red edging

Designer duds: Demi strolled along in chunky, multicoloured trainers and carried her belongings in an eye-catching Louis Vuitton handbag with red edging

Demi was seen wearing some stylish kicks – chunky, multicoloured sneakers – while showing off her Louis Vuitton handbag with a striking pop of red on the edges.

Demi’s shopping adventure got even better as she was accompanied by her gal pal for a fun girls’ outing.

Keeping it casual: Demi opted to go bra-less for her shopping trip in LA

Keeping it casual: Demi opted to go bra-less for her shopping trip in LA

Demi decided to ditch her bra while going out for shopping in LA, keeping her look casual and laid-back.

Heartache: In her social media post shared on Wednesday, Demi revealed the tragic news that her mum Christine, a former NHS wheelchair advisor, had passed away aged 64

Heartbreak: The saddened celebrity recently took to her social media account and disclosed the heartbreaking news about her mother.

Demi expressed her gratitude, saying “May God bless you and thank you for everything. I hope to reunite with you in heaven someday, on 3rd October 2018.” Demi gained fame when she was romantically linked to rapper Tyga, who is Kylie Jenner’s ex. In an interview with MailOnline in 2016, Barrie spoke highly of Demi’s career and revealed that it was a three-year health and beauty course that transformed her life. He stated that Demi was always interested in beauty and had a stunning appearance. He also noted that she was very ambitious, and he could always see her success coming.

Touching: On Thursday, she also posted an image of two birds with the caption: 'Saw these two love birds on set today. I hoped they were Mom & Dad paying a visit'

It was a delightful moment for her as she shared posts from her dear friends last Thursday. Later, she also uploaded a picture of two birds on the set with a caption that read: ‘I spotted these two affectionate birds on the set today. I couldn’t help but think they were Mom and Dad popping by for a visit.’

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