Gal Gadot Urges World to Take Action Against Terror Attacks Amidst Speculation of Her Potential Return to IDF Service.

In response to the recent terror attack that killed hundreds in Israel, Gal Gadot is urging the world to take a stand and not remain neutral. The actress, who served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat trainer over a decade ago, has expressed her support for Israel on social media and encouraged her followers to donate funds for those affected by the attack. She has also shared a video of U2’s concert, where the band dedicated their song Pride (In the Name of Love) to the victims of the music festival attack. Gadot’s previous military service has led some to speculate if she could be called to fight in the conflict with Hamas.

Actress Gal Gadot has demanded that the world not 'sit on the fence' as she voiced her support for her native country after hundreds were murdered by a terror attack in Israel on Saturday

Gal Gadot, who is an actress by profession, has urged people around the world to take a stance and not remain indifferent in light of the deadly terror attack that took place in her homeland of Israel over the weekend. She expressed her support for the country and condemned the heinous act that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people.

The Wonder Woman star, 38, famously served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat trainer over a decade ago

At the age of 38, the renowned actress who played the iconic role of Wonder Woman had previously worked in the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat instructor more than ten years ago.

On Saturday, the former Miss Israel 2004 was one of the first Hollywood names to speak up in support of Israel, sharing news of the Hamas ' assault on civilians

Over the weekend, Gal Gadot, the former Miss Israel 2004 and Hollywood actress, showed her support for Israel by sharing news of the Hamas’ attack on civilians. Bono, during his concert, also expressed his solidarity with the Israeli people by tweaking the lyrics of one of his hits to include a reference to the festival in Israel where innocent people were singing. Despite the recent violence in Israel and Gaza, Bono still believes that non-violence is the key to lasting peace. Gadot, who served in the IDF for two years, credits her military experience for her discipline and teamwork skills, which she now applies in her career as an actress. According to her, success is not just about personal gain but achieving a greater objective, like making a great movie.

The star has also asked her followers to donate funds for those affected by the weekend's attacks

The actress Gal Gadot has requested her followers to donate funds to aid those affected by the recent attacks in Israel. A conflict between Israel and Palestine has caused many Israeli citizens to be called up to fight, with around 300,000 reservists already joining the IDF forces. It is unknown if Gadot has been called up too and has reached out to her team for clarification. However, Gadot has received backlash from some pro-Palestinian social media users after showing support for Israel, with some calling for her to be boycotted. On the other hand, former porn star Mia Khalifa has openly supported Hamas’ armed attack on civilians online, urging them to film the carnage horizontally. The recent attack at the Supernova Festival near Kibbutz Re’im, which resulted in innocent people being executed and robbed, was part of Hamas’ surprise assault launched on Saturday.

Bono tweaked the hit's lyrics to say: 'Sing for our brothers and sisters — who they themselves were singing at the Supernova Sukkot festival in Israel'

Bono decided to make some changes to the lyrics of the popular song and replaced them with: ‘Let’s sing for our siblings, who were also singing their hearts out at the Supernova Sukkot festival in Israel.’

Gadot and other stars such as Kylie Jenner , Madonna and Amy Schumer have received abuse online from pro-Palestinian social media users

Gadot and several other celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, Madonna, and Amy Schumer, have been receiving abusive comments from pro-Palestinian social media users. However, one former adult film actress remained unfazed and continued to defend Hamas’ actions as justified. She even shared a message saying that the United States of America is also a terrorist state. She also criticized Kylie Jenner for sharing and then taking down a message supporting Israel. The actress called out Kylie Jenner for not being able to string together a coherent sentence about the geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. In recent attacks, more than 700 Israeli soldiers and civilians were killed or injured by rocket attacks launched by Palestinian gunmen. Israel’s Defence Forces (IDF) retaliated with airstrikes and missile attacks on over 1,000 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

A paramedic holds a little girl crying after being pulled from the scene of the bombing Gaza on Monday

On Monday in Gaza, a paramedic was seen holding a small girl who was crying after being rescued from the bombing incident.

According to Yoav Gallant, the Israeli Defence Minister, Gaza Strip’s electricity supply will be cut, and food and fuel entry will be blocked in response to their fight against terrorists. These measures will create conditions similar to a siege, causing millions of Palestinians living in the walled region to starve and be attacked from the air. This announcement follows a recent incident where Israeli soldiers with helicopter support killed two gunmen crossing the northern border from Lebanon, indicating a possible new front opening as Israel continues to combat Hamas to the south. Artillery shelling and gunfire were also reported at Lebanon’s southern border with Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Sunday, and approximately 300,000 reservists were called up for potential ground assault into Gaza. Netanyahu is determined to eliminate Hamas’s military and governing capabilities, which have been in power since 2007.

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